Abra Academy

Abra Academy

Abra Academy is an enjoyable hidden object game with a magic twist
4.7  (3 votes)

Abra Academy is an enjoyable hidden object game for both adults and children. Your job is to help Wanda graduate from the four-year school of magical arts, where each year consists of six games.
Abra Academy could be considered just as another game in the genre, since there's nothing new. The game features excellent graphics, sound effects, and enchanting music. If you've already played games like this before, you won't find it challenging at all. However, for me, it was hard to find some of the objects, as they were very well camouflaged with the background. The hidden items are the usual ones, animals, pencils, swords, etc. But throughout the game, you will also find special objects that are needed to create a special potion. Unlike many games in this genre, time is abundant. Here it is represented by a fire under your cauldron, which lasts for a while, unless you cause the gargoyle to appear by clicking very quickly four times in a row. The hint system is limited since you have only three hints, but you can get more by playing some mini-games. The hints are represented by fairies that should be freed to reveal the location of an item.

I didn't like the fact that mini-games are not very creative or diverse, and that the objects appear always in the same place. So, if you return to an already visited location, you will quickly remember where the objects are. Also, there's only one game mode, so it's not likely you will replay this game. I think Abra Academy could work for novice players in the genre, since advanced players will be bored after a few hours of playing it.

Silvana Mansilla
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Review summary


  • Great graphics, music, and sound effects
  • Hint system
  • Relatively long


  • Only one game mode
  • Objects appear in the same place
  • Not very challenging
  • Mini-games lack diversity
  • Almost no re-playability
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